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Company Profile
Cord Exhaust Engineering CE (formerly Exhaust Control Industries (S) Pte Ltd (ECI)) was incorporated in Singapore in 1996 as an independent marketing and manufacturing center for engine exhaust systems. Cord Exhaust Engineering now has its own manufacturing facility and a team of personnel fulfilling R&D, design, engineering, manufacturing and administrative functions.

The change of company names from Exhaust Control Industries to Cord Exhaust Engineering was part of our rebranding under the Cord Group of Companies and Cord Holdings Pte Ltd.
The company is dedicated to providing a complete range of exhaust system products for diesel, spark ignition and gas turbine engines

The majority of the company's products were designed and developed in-house over the years to meet the ever demanding regulations imposed by the Environmental Authorities in the region. Even with an expansive range of products, the real strength of the company is its ability choose the right product mix thereby providing customized solutions to suit individual user's needs.
2002 was another landmark year for CE when the then ECI Singapore was certified ISO 14001:1996 by SGS International Certification Services Singapore Pte. Ltd. The attainment of the ISO 14001 Certification further reaffirm's the company’s commitment to environmental protection, whether it is in our products or production processes. Then in August 2002, the Company also attained ISO 9001:2000 Certification for its total quality management.

CE Singapore is committed to provide the best quality product and services to its clients both locally and overseas. These ISO certifications cover both the administrative and manufacturing facilities of the Company.

Our team of innovators, comprising of creative people who graduated from Universities such as National University of Singapore, University of Technology Sydney, University of New South Wales, University of Wales, XinWen Mining Workers University, Shandong China, Yangon Technological University, Saint Louis University, Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University, University of Adelaide and Singapore Polytechnic, with diverse disciplines from Mechanical, Electrical and Civil Engineering to Industrial and Aerospace Engineering, spent more than half a decade working on the exhaust silencer’s combustion spark removal capabilities.
The decision to obtain proper certification for our exhaust silencers came after the completion of a major two-year fabrication of a fully operational E- House on an oil rig operated by PTTEP Thailand Petroleum. Our work experience with engineers from McDermott’s Shipyard convinced our management that tests and certifications were as important as quality and reliability.

After 6 years, during which some of our team members got married and started their young families, the team having gone through periods of frustration and despair, hope and inspiration, we finally achieved our DNV certification in 2019.

Cord Exhaust Engineering is always striving to be an industry pioneer in product development.
To maintain standards that are comparable with any reputable suppliers in the world, CE Singapore sent its products to recognized testing laboratories i.e. Singapore Productivity and Standards Board, SGS International Certification Services Singapore and to Europeans testing centers for professional certification.

CE Singapore continually strives to innovate and excel in our design and manufacturing processes to provide cutting edge products that not only suit customers’ stringent requirement but also contributes to lessen our client's carbon foot print.
Catalytic Converters
CE designs, manufactures and installs a complete range of Oxidation Catalyst Systems for stationary and mobile applications. These catalyst systems are used for reductions in CO, HC and odours. The units range in sizes from a small 4 inches in diameter to large custom units for stationary engines and gas turbines. Because of CE's expertise in the area of silencing, a complete range of combined silencers cum catalytic converters is also available.
Since CE began manufacturing catalyst systems in 1996, more than 20,000 systems have been shipped and installed on stationary and mobile applications. CE units have been used on Caterpillar, Mireless Blackstone, Dorman, Cummins, MTU, Detroit Diesel and Alco engines to name a few.
Soot Filters
CE’s Soot Filters are available in sizes ranging from 11.25 inches to 20 inches in diameter and are available with catalyst coated or uncoated. These units are used solely on diesel engines that operate in underground mines, buses or densely populated or confined areas.
The CE Soot Filters include larger soot filters utilizing multiple soot filter substrates primarily designed for larger stationary diesel engines which are commonly used on standby Gensets in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia and Korea.
CE designs, manufactures and installs a complete range of intake and exhaust silencers for installation on all types of engines and generators.
The product range includes reactive and absorptive designs and is available for industrial, residential and super critical levels of sound attenuation. The custom designed silencers are available in any sizes or configurations.
Det Norske Veritas-Germanischer Lloyd (DNV-GL) Type Approved Spark Arresting Silencers
Over the years, we have received a large number of requests for Spark Arresting Certificates. As part of our project work experience on the PTTEP Arthit Platform (2005 to 2007), the need for certified test procedures and approval certifications of our products became evident.

After lengthy consultations with clients and industry stakeholders, the platform standard of DNVGL-CP-0282 – Type approval – Spark arrestors was adopted. Cord Exhaust Engineering is now proud to unveil our new line of DNV-GL certified spark arresting silencers ranging from nominal bores of 50 to 1000mm and attenuations from 20dba to 55dba. Higher attenuation on request.

Construction materials include Steel and Stainless Steel (304/ 316).
Acoustic Products
CE is a leading specialist in noise pollution control and is widely engaged to design and manufactures a wide range of acoustic products including acoustic enclosures, ventilation silencers, acoustic panels and acoustic doors to meet the requirements of our clients as well as the stringent regulations set by the local authorities.
Using comprehensive technology, CE designs and manufactures a range of acoustic products as OEM manufacturers too.
Product Catalogues
Energy Production
ECI’s long and illustrious history of air and noise pollution abatement has led only to one logically step further…Solar power. Many other various forms of energy production were trial (wind, water and thermal etc.) before deciding on solar due to its over whelming advantages offered including zero carbon production and minimal maintenance due to the lack of moving parts.
With this in mind, we have chosen to use Schott panels. ECI systems are custom tailored to the exact needs of the customers. Installations vary from solar power for the telecommunication industry to street lighting. Whatever the requirements, ECI Solar has a solution for you.
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